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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the most common questions that we are currently being asked about the use of this website. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for below, you can contact us with your questions or comments by email (provide your name, your email address, your phone number and a detailed description of the issue you are encountering).

We can only respond to questions concerning the use of this website and accessibility issues. For questions related to Sponsor(s)/Funder(s) content, your enquiries or Research Proposals, please direct these questions to the applicable Sponsor/Funder.

CSDR Account
  • How do I Create an account?
    • Click Login/create account in the site header and then click "Create Account" from the drop-down menu. Fill out the form and then click "Create"
    • A follow-up email will be delivered to you with next steps to Validate your account.
    • If the Account Validation email is not received, please check your spam or junk folders or contact site support for assistance.
  • How do I Manage my account?
    • After you login, click on your name in the site header and then select "edit profile" from the drop down menu. Update the information on the form and then click "update" at the bottom of the form.
  • How do I reset my account password (forgotten password)?
    • At the login page click "forgot password and then follow the instructions.
  • How do I ask questions about the site functionality?
    • Please contact site support for all queries about site functionality. Any queries/questions about the studies listed or not listed should be redirected to specific Sponsor(s)/Funder(s).
Enquiries and Research Proposals
  • How do I submit an enquiry?
    • Click Browse all Studies link from the home page and click the link to submit a enquiry to request documents and/or studies not listed on the site.
  • How do I submit a Research Proposal?
    • Search for studies listed on the site by using the keyword search on the home page or click to Browse all Studies and use available filters to narrow down your search.
  • How can I request datasets and/or studies not listed on site?
    • For studies not listed, please use the link on the Search Results page to enquire. Sponsor(s)/Funder(s) selection is mandatory to direct your questions to a specific Sponsor(s)/Funder(s).
  • How can I submit questions, request clarifications about my enquiries or Research Proposals?
    • Go to My Dashboard link after logging in the site, click on the Reference Name of the Request you want to ask questions about. Clicking the link opens up the form in read-only mode. Click the Emails tab and submit your questions.
  • How do I upload attachments?
    • To upload documents, please login and click on My Dashboard link in the site header. Click on the Research Proposal/Enquiries Reference Name. Clicking the Reference Name opens up the submission form in read-only mode. Navigate to Attachments" tab and upload any pertinent document.
  • Where do I find a description of statuses for Enquiries, Questions and Research Proposals?
    • For a description of statuses assigned to your enquiry or Research Proposal please refer to Review of Requests.
  • How to ask questions about studies listed on the website
    • Go to search results page and click the "+" symbol to add studies to your Selected Studies List. After adding studies to the list of studies page, click the "Ask Questions about the selected Studies" button. Clicking the button will open up the questions form. Fill out the form and click Submit.
Data Access System
  • When can I access the data?
    • Following execution of the DSA, all parties signing, a research area is created in the secure data access system. Each Sponsor will upload their anonymized data and supporting documentation to the secure data access system.
  • Can I export data from the secure data access system?
    • There are controls in place to prevent the data and supporting documentation provided by a Sponsor from being exported.
  • What tools are available in the secure data access system?
    • The following pre-installed tools are made available for conducting your research; SAS, "R" and Plink.
How do I contact the Data Sharing Team managing my requests?
  • User MUST login to  
  • Click My Dashboard link
  • Click your Request Reference Name under the Submitted tab
  • Click the Emails tab and click on Send Email button

Users must have a local default email program installed to use this functionality. If you cannot install an email program, follow the steps below to email the team:

NOTE: The subject line must contain the relevant request ID # (as shown below) to properly route to the Data Sharing team managing your request.

Subject: 1234: [insert subject line here]
How do I add an attachment related to my requests?
  • User MUST login to  
  • Click My Dashboard link
  • Click your Request Reference Name under the Submitted tab
  • Click the Attachments tab to upload a file