A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study of Paroxetine in Depressed Outpatients
Depressive Disorder
Phase 2
This study has multiple results summaries on the GSK Clinical Study Register under the following clinical study identifiers: PAR 29060.02.001, PAR 29060.02.002, PAR 29060.02.003, and PAR 29060.02.004. This posting links only to PAR 29060.02.001. All other results summaries must be viewed directly from the GSK Clinical Study Register. The data from this study is provided in combined datasets containing data from other paroxetine studies. An annotated case report form and a reporting and analysis plan are not available for this study. A link to and a NCT ID number are not available for this study because the study was conducted before regulatory requirements to register studies.
May 2014